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A Project To Be Proud Of...

Charles Balducci is proud to be a Staten Islander.  Born in NYC, but raised on the Island Charles Balducci has been a pioneer in the arts and entertainment movement to establish Staten Island as a player in the arts and entertainment industry.  In 2005, after a handful of high exposure gigs with Viacom, Fox, and ABC, Charles Balducci had a vision to create an arts space that would revolutionize the arts and entertainment industry, not only for Staten Island, for all NYC, and beyond.  That vision was the NycArtsCypher.  (Check out  At first the concept was just a production studio, but it quickly evolved into an amazing opportunity for young emerging talent to network in a creative environment.  A space built by artists for artists.  Charles Balducci invited artists from all areas of the world to come and paint wood panels that would be the floor and walls on the top level of the two level NycArtsCypher space. Participants had come from all the other boroughs, as well as Long Island, Texas, and even Paris! Upon completion of this “Plywood Event” it was evident that this location would be so much more than a simple production studio.  A constant work in progress, Charles Balducci continued to allow the artistic community the opportunity to create the space, and the concept became clear. Known for its Graffiti Mural Program and Dont Be A Bully programs the organization stays a trend setter and Taste maker among grass roots and social movements.
















What is the NycArtsCypher?

-An arts space that is interactive, inspiring, and motivating

-A networking hub for all who are interested in arts and entertainment

-A space that promotes artists services and showcases their talents

-A revolutionary nonprofit organization that promotes positive values through its programs, projects, and events

-A cutting edge business model for duplication in every major city.


Charles Balducci has brought this organization from a concept to a reality, standing 2 stories high and located at 12 Broad Street in Staten Island New York 10304, the NycArtsCypher is a unique landmark for arts and entertainment.

For more info on this location and the organization founded by Charles Balducci please log on to


In 2014 NycArtsCypher welcomed OverSpray ( to the first floor as an Event Space that caters to the entire community with a backdrop of colorful and energetic art. "Hall Of Murals" as its called is an ongoing open exhibit that allows interaction with artists who paint large scale murals and street art with the nightlife and themed event community.  Party planners are welcomed to rent the space and all month long the membership throws Showcases, Exhibits, and private or special themed events! Check it out!






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“This spot is dope! It is such a great place to come and vibe with all kinds of artists, dancers, graffiti writers, musicians, and in general people that are motivated.  There is art on the floor, the walls, and in discussion.  I live in Manhattan, and we don’t even have this kind of spot in the Big Apple! Kudos to Charlie Balducci for having the determination to succeed in a place that doesn’t have the benefit of a huge artsy community, so he is creating his own! Kids, emerging artists, politicians…I cant wait to have one in NYC.  Hey if you wanna reach out to Charlie Balducci or any members of the NycArtsCypher, look at, call 718.981.8510.

                                                                                    Jeremy A.


I believe in what Charlie Balducci has created in the NycArtsCypher.  It is an innovation and a unique way to give everyone involved a place to express themselves through the arts.  It’s the best of all worlds! Artists become dancers. Musicians become models. It is CRAZY! It’s a great way to get an idea on what arts you may be in to.  Reach out to them at or


                                                                                  Mike B.